UMICORE AUSTRALIA, through VM ZINC building products offers the highest quality standards in
VM ZINC is a metal consisting of pure Zinc (99,99%) alloyed with small quantities of titanium and
copper. It is commonly named TITANIUM ZINC. It corresponds to the Z1 classification, which is the
highest quality of Titanium Zinc in the European Standard EN 1179. Copper and titanium are added to
increase the rolled zinc’s mechanical properties.
VM Titanium Zinc is a high quality product: with the evolution of the rolling process, the metal is rolled at
constant thickness and dimensional tolerances which are respected by conforming to the European
standard EN 988 « Zinc and zinc alloys - Specification for rolled flat products for building »
which specifies requirements for rolled flat products for building purposes.

This standard has been in force since 1997 and is used by 18 European countries. It summarises and
supersedes former national standards including:
• French standard - NF A55-201 & A55-211
• British standard - BS 6561 type A
• German standard - DIN 1706 and 17770
• Netherlands - NEN 7065

EN 988 lays down very strict specifications regarding the composition of the rolled zinc and its physical,
mechanical, and dimensional characteristics. When it comes to quality Umicore does not compromise. In
fact, Umicore Building Products has its own standards that are even more stringent that EN 988: the
PREMIUM ZINC quality label, developed and enforced by VM ZINC® since 2002.